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Newport uPVC Doors

At Frame Style, we understand that plain and simple uPVC door's have the power and potential to be very beautiful. With this in mind, we have created the Newport design with two light, fine arches as the central focal point above two rectangular panels to bring a modern flair to your home.

Take advantage of the fact that every uPVC door at Frame Style, will conveniently benefit you via our door's features as every door has the option of being upgraded from to a 10 point locking system from a 6 point locking system. If you believe that your favourite design won't bring enough light into your home, Frame Style offer additional features including: toplights, sidelights or two flags on either side in every deign we have.

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This means the choice of design really is all yours as all the uPVC doors at Frame Style:

• Arrive pre-hung in their frame and ready to install with 3 keys (please see 'Key Return Policy' tab).

• Are made from 70mm, grade 'A' virgin polymer and 70mm reinforced galvanised steel.

• Have been double glazed, if applicable to your door, to increase the thermal efficiency rating in your home.

• Are virtually maintenance free due to the 28mm uPVC panel being UV stabilized.

18 different styles of obscured glass is available to choose from at Frame Style plus a wide range of door furniture can also be added to your door such as: letter boxes, handles, spy holes and knockers which all come in white, black, chrome and gold just like the lever or lever handle configuration which comes complete with your door. With every uPVC door you have the choice to upgrade to a lever/lever pad handle. Your uPVC door can come in up to 3 colours: white, or 2 wood colours: rosewood and light oak and these colour options:

• White inside, white outside

• Rosewood inside, white outside

• Rosewood inside, rosewood outside

• Light oak inside, white outside

• Light oak inside, light oak outside.

Click on our 'design your door' button now to start creating your dream Newport door today!

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