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Poole uPVC Doors

Start out on your journey to buying your dream door today. The Poole door is simple with its 2 different shaped panels but overall creates a symmetry and unity to wherever you choose to place it. It is subtle enough to blend in whilst just bold enough to stand out.

If you want complete control over how your low cost uPVC door will look, then Frame Style is the perfect place to find your dream door. At Frame Style, all our door designs are both available in up to 18 different styles of obscured glass and with 3 additional features, either toplights, sidelights or two flags on either side of your door. We also offer a varied range of door furniture to add the finishing touches to your door such as: letter boxes, handles, spy holes and knockers which, like the lever or lever handle configuration that comes complete with you door, are all available in white, black, chrome and gold.

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You can choose from 3 different colours for your uPVC door to come in: white, rosewood or light oak to add a wood effect which are available in the following colour options:

• White inside, white outside

• Rosewood inside, white outside

• Rosewood inside, rosewood outside

• Light oak inside, white outside

• Light oak inside, light oak outside.

Every single one of our uPVC doors at Frame Style are made from 70mm, grade 'A' virgin polymer and 70mm reinforced galvanised steel. This is because we understand the importance of security within your home. This is why all our doors have the option of upgrading to a high security 10 point locking system from a 6 point one and that all the glass used has been toughened and double glazed. 3 keys are supplied with every door (please see 'Key Return Policy' tab).

To make things manageable, all of our uPVC doors come pre-hung in the frame so that they're ready to install and are UV stabilised making them virtually maintenance free.

Click on our 'design your door' button now to start creating your dream Poole door today!

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